Google to add Dropbox and other cloud storage support to Chrome OS

dropbox on chromebook

Chromebooks are fascinating. But the lack of ability to add cloud storage from different service providers have been pointed out by different reviewers. Google seems to understand that as a new report suggests that Google is integrating Dropbox with its Chromebooks that run on Chrome OS.

GigaOM writes that the basic idea will be to add Dropbox to act as an extension in the file manager of Chromebook. This will enable users to access their files on Dropbox just like they do on a Windows or Mac computer. Basically, the content of the Dropbox will remain in the cloud, unlike Windows and Mac computers where all the contents are also locally stored.

The benefit of this will be easier access to user’s Dropbox files and folder. Right now, Chromebook users have to open a new tab and login to Dropbox website to see their files and folders.

Adding support for Dropbox, and any other cloud storage service for that matter, apart from Google’s own Drive is going to be a serious challenge for Google. Adding third-party cloud option will not force users to get more storage on Google Drive (or renew the 100 GB storage they get with each Chromebook purchase).

However, on the other hand, to attract serious users, Google will have to push this update, long missing on Chrome OS.

Are you interested in seeing Dropbox, SugerSync and other cloud storages integrated into your Chromebook? Will that integration make you want to get one?


  1. Yup, the only reason I have not bought a Google Chromebook it because it does not have Dropbox integration…I just can’t do the dropbox web version…Once they fix this and add the ability to Skype, then I am in…I like hangouts, but the quality is still lower than skype.

    1. True to that. Not everyone is used to Google Drive and Google should accept the fact. Adding Dropbox support will only make Chromebook more user-friendly. And I’m waiting for a second generation of Samsung Series 3 Chromebook to come out.

  2. I agree, Dropbox will make the Chromebook much more usable by the general user. Drive is slowly gaining momentum, but it is Dropbox that has captivated many of us cloud users. This is very, very welcome. So, this article was published in April…it is now July…where is the Dropbox integration?

    1. Google is not too happy about people loving Dropbox more than Drive. So, there is no official integration just yet. But the company is clearly working to get new features on Chrome OS as a new article suggests that Microsoft Word and Excel files can be directly edited inside Chrome OS (news link: ). So, we can be hopeful that sooner or later Dropbox integration will see the light of day.

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