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How to bold, italic and strikethrough your text on Google+

Did you know Google+ not only supports GIF image uploading but also supports formatting of text? Yes, without any trick at all, you can make your text appear in bold, italic or strikethrough on Google+. Let’s see how.

google plus

The process is so simple that you don’t even need any explanation after you see the screenshot above. But if you still need explanation here they go:

  • To bold: Just start your text with * (asterisk) and end with another * (asterisk). Once you post it, the text will turn bold.
  • To italic: Just start your text with _ (underscore) and end with another _ (underscore). After it’s posted, the text will turn italic.
  • To strikethrough: Just start your text with a – (hyphen) and end with one. Once it’s shared, it will turn into strikethrough.

Easy as pie, isn’t it? Keep exploring Google+ or subscribe to our Google+ page to get more how-tos and tips in your stream.

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