Google Gets New URL Shortener for YouTube,

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Google has secured another URL shortener for its popular video-sharing website, YouTube, The Next Web reports.

URL Shorteners became increasingly important since the launch of Twitter where users were limited by the number of characters on each update. Now that there are tons, brands have been using their own URL shorteners so that people can instantly know where a short URL goes just by looking at it.

Google had been using URL shorteners like and But for internal use, Google have always used an even shorter three-character URL, The page at notes that it’s only used for Google’s products and services. The Next Web suggests that might be used for YouTube videos in the coming future.

Although YouTube already has a short URL, an even shorter URL might just replace the current one. The idea probably is to make URLs memorable. But we’re not sure whether this will indeed replace URLs or just be used for YouTube’s other settings and internal pages.

Would you like to see instead of as YouTube’s default short URL?

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