WebKit is Ditched; Say Hello to Blink on Your Computer

blink on chrome

Google made headlines after it announced that its web browser Chrome is ditching WebKit rendering engine in favor of a new engine called Blink which is actually a fork of WebKit. Google has already rolled out the very first version of Blink engine with the latest update to its Google Chrome browser.

If you go to chrome://version on your Chrome browser, you’ll notice the Blink version instead of WebKit in the third line. 

WebKit, however, is not entirely ditched by industry. Another silent playet, Opera, announced that it will adapt WebKit as its new rendering engine despite Google leaving it. Google’s reason of forking WebKit is that its browser works a little differently which helps prevent the crash of whole browser if one particular tab crashes. To maintain this complex architecture, Google decided to fork WebKit and develop an entirely new one called Blink.

If you’re using Chrome 28 on your computer, you’re already on Blink. There’s no apparent change that will draw your attention, however, it’s promised to deliver better experience on heavy browsing.

Are you on Chrome 28 yet?

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