Google will mute your mic when typing during a Google+ Hangout

Have you ever felt annoyed by the other person’s keyboard’s noise when in a video (or audio too, for that matter) chat? Well, in Google’s attempt to turn the whole Google+ thing into a professional and social network, the search giant has recently announced a nifty update that will mute your microphone the next time you’re typing on a Google+ Hangout.

Tim Haloun, Google engineer, noted that the person will see a notification when they’re muted and their mic will resume once they stop typing. Also this will apply to large hangout with participant more than 4 persons.

google plus hangout mute

Though nifty, this is actually a very useful feature specially for teams that often have to hold online group conversations. Having to listen to the other person type can be very boring specially if the conversation is meant for productivity. However, now that Google has invented it, we might start seeing it soon on other services including Skype.

Anyone going to enjoy this feature on Google+ Hangout?

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