Google Search for Mobile gets Quick View and expandable search

Google recently updated the way it shows search results on mobile devices by introducing two new updates. One of them is called Quick View which lets you take a peak into the website while the other one shows more results in an expandable format.

If you’ve been searching on the web for long enough, you’re familiar with multiple sections of the same website coming up on search result. For example, if you search for Rotten Tomatoes, you’ll see more internal pages linked right from the result page. Google is taking those results to mobile and making them expandable so that you can see what’s worth checking inside the site in the result.

rotten tomatoes on google

As you can see above, this will come in handy if you’re looking for an internal page of rotten tomatoes (for which you searched in the first place). But that’s not all in Google’s recent mobile update.

Quick View is more like the preview that you can see on Google’s search result page on the right. A blue button that reads Quick View will show up to a certain pages as Google is still experimenting with the feature. Clicking on that quick view button will give you a closer look into the site ahead without actually taking you to it. However, you can jump in to the site right from Quick View if you want to.

google quick view

This feature will definitely come in handy if you’re in a hurry and want to consume less data transfer while searching for a website. Provided that Google does not show all information from a website on its result page, you will be able to enter Quick View mode to see what’s inside of that site without actually entering into the site.

However, the service is still in experimental mode and will work with only a few websites among which is Wikipedia.

Have you started seeing the updated search engine result page on your mobile?

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