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Google Enables Google+ Comments on Blogger


Facebook rolled out its commenting system a while ago which webmasters can include in their websites and blogs to enable people leave comments using their Facebook accounts. It became popular for two reasons. One: People didn’t need to type in their name and email address in order to leave comment. Two: Every published comment gets shared as a link on the commentators Facebook profile which is a free promotion for the blog.

Following the success of Facebook comments, Google recently announced Google+ integration into Blogger blogs. In ways, it’s actually better than Facebook comments. Facebook comments cannot import older comments. But Google+ comments can.

Blogger is Google’s solution to those who want a hassle-free way to set up a blog and tweak around the source code without worrying about hosting cost. Though the service saw a facelift a while ago, the service mostly remained out of Google’s main focus as the company never really does anything big to make it better than its main competitor, WordPress.

However, with recent integration of Google+ comments into sites hosted on Blogger platform, Google is definitely powering the platform a bit.

google+ comments in blogger

Google has been working hard to make people engage in more conversation on its social network. Although most professionals are already there, Google wants to integrate it with the talking web by integrating it with blogs. The benefit of integrating Google+ comments into blogs is obvious. Every time a Google+ user leaves a comment, it gets shared with the circles he chose. Another free promotion for the webmaster. This is definitely encouraging Blogger-based bloggers to include the Google+ Commenting system on their site.

Although Google enabled its first-ever commenting system on Blogger, there have been lots of people asking to release a plugin, or a bit of code, that can integrate with WordPress platforms as well. Considering that most web publishing media today uses WordPress as their content management system, it’s only a matter of time until we see Google releasing a WordPress version of Google+ comment system.

And then, Blogger will be buried again.

Not saying that Blogger is an inactive service. Millions of people use it. But Google seriously needs to step up and make big changes to make Blogger a “competitor” to WordPress. But Google does not seem to compete with WordPress. They have Blogger, they have bloggers who monetize their recipe sites on Blogger-based blogs, and Google is able to show ads on those blogs.

As many people put it, Google apparently turned on Google+ commenting system on Blogger first because it’s in a testing phase right now. When everything keeps going right, Google will release a WordPress capable version. And that’s when Google+ will begin to get really more integration from people around the blogosphere.

Do you like Google+ commenting system? (You can try it out here) Would you mind commenting using your Google+ profile? Let us know your thoughts.

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