Google Glass Runs on Android: CEO of Google

google glass runs android

It has been fascinating ever since Google showed the first prototype of its augmented reality device, Google Glass. First called Project Glass, this piece of next generation wearable technology brings a number of Google services — including Google+ obviously — right in front of your eyes regardless of where you are and what you are doing.

Since day 1, there has been speculations on what operating system the glass runs on. Many thought that it would be Android in the core, but with a different flavor. Many thought that it’s just some custom-made operating system based on Linux kernel. Google has kept its mouth shut about what operating system the Glass runs on.

Well, until recently.

According to TechCrunch, Google’s CEO Larry Page said that Google Glass runs on Android operating system. In response to a question about how much people can expect to see engagement increment with new products like Glass, he said that Google Glass runs on Android. He also gave example of how transportable Android has been across devices and said that he thinks it will continue.

The operating system Google Glass is running on has been secret until this. The fact that it actually runs on Android can be pretty convincing for developers since it will allow them to code in a known environment. However, one developer at TechCrunch comment section who took a look at Mirror API said that it (apps for Google Glass) does not support Java at all and has an entirely different way of developing apps.

It’s still unclear whether it’s a good thing for developers and end users that Google Glass runs on Android. But one thing is for sure, it will make Android users feel even more proud! What do you say?

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