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How to Enable Google Plus Comments on Blogger


Google recently enabled its newest feature on Blogger, Google+ integration into comments. If you’re maintaining a blog/website that is hosted on Google’s Blogger platform, you can turn on or enable this feature right now. But first, let’s understand what Google plus comments on Blogger is.

Google Plus Comments on Blogger

Google Plus comments is a new commenting system that’s similar to Facebook comment. In fact, in ways, it’s better. Facebook comment didn’t import previous comments on Blogger. But if you turn on Google+ Comments, all your old comments will be imported instantly.

Whenever users choose to leave a comment on Google+ Comment enabled blog, the comment they leave will be shared on their Google+ stream. And it doesn’t end there. All replies and +1s will be imported directly into the blog from Google Plus. Now, that’s really a great way to spark a conversation in the comment area.

Exactly what you want.

Now, let’s see how to enable Google Plus Comments on Blogger

There are two damn simple steps to enable Google+ comments on Blogger. All it takes is barely two simple clicks. Follow this:

Step 1: Navigate to Google+ Tab

google+ on blogger

Go to, choose the blog you want to activate Google+ Comment on, and then click the Google+ tab from the left, as shown on the screenshot above.

Step 2: Check the Google+ Comments Box

google plus comments on blogger

On the right you’ll see these checkboxes. By default, the second checkbox that reads “Use Google+ Comments on this blog” will remain uncheckd. Check that and Google+ Comments will be enabled instantly. No need to click any save button.

Now, if you are running a customized template and not the default ones that come with Blogger, you may be out of luck at this time. Because at present, Google+ comments only appear to work on default templates that come with every Blogger installation.

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