You cannot buy Google Glass anytime soon: Google

google glass
Co-founder Surgey Brin wearing Google Glass.

Eric Schmidt of Google recently said at a BBC program that Google Glass for end-users, or consumers, is probably a year-ish away, which probably means Google is not yet ready to hand over these Glasses to end user.

Google Glass has always been a fascinating device ever since the idea surfaced on the web. Augmented Reality is no longer a futuristic thing today. Because of various augmented reality glasses and Google’s videos of showing how it looks through the Glass, people now know what it’s like to wear the HUD-activated Glass. But to really feel what it’s like, one has to actually wear a Google Glass. If you’re one of the eager ones, your luck isn’t favoring you anytime soon.

Google recently sent out the first batch of Google Glass Explorer Editions to developers. We’ve also seen unboxing video that was recorded by the very camera mounted with Google Glass. But Google was restrictive enough to rule that any of the people who currently possess a Google Glass may not lend the device to a third person. Doing so gives Google the right to deactivate it. Since it was just a handful of people who were able to get their hands on a Google Glass for $1,500, Google may probably identify when the Glass is being used by a third person other than the one who bought it. So, if you’re an end user, and if your friend got an Explorer Edition, you still cannot check out how the world looks through Google Glass.

Google Glass can be so awesome and so awkward at the same time. Getting a heads-up display like you see on video games is really cool. But at the same time, it can be as disappointing as Cracked pointed out. Google may be ready with its technology side, but the company is probably still dealing with legal and safety issues with Google Glass since it’s going to transform the way human — or at least those who would wear a Google Glass — interact with other people, their surrounding and the the rest of the world.

And Eric Schmidt just confirmed that general consumers aren’t going to get it for probably another year.

Are you disappointed by this? Are you going to be one the people to get Google Glass the day it hits the store?

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