Google Now maybe coming to desktop computers

google now

Google Now, the company’s Siri-like voice assistant feature launched earlier for Android, could be heading to the web. People may soon be able to take advantage of Google Now voice search and card feature directly from their desktop computer.

The source is unconfirmed and there is no official words from Google about Google Now coming to the web. But if it does, it will definitely be very popular and convenient for desktop users.

On the rise of smartphone and tablet users, companies like Apple and Google have been putting so much efforts into making the mobile web better and convenient that they are literally forgetting about the people who work from a computer — laptop or desktop. Google Now, as many people say, is much faster than Siri, the Apple version of voice assistant which was the first in the industry. Google followed Apple’s path and developed Google Now, which acts very much like Siri. It didn’t take too long until Google Now became very popular among Android users.

If it hits the web, Google will make people’s life a lot better once again. But we still have to wait for it as we don’t know how it’s going to perform on the web or whether the company is actually working of bringing it to the web in the first place.

Would you like to see Google Now on the web?

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