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Google posts video tutorial on how to use Google Glass

how to use google glass

Google Glass is an amazing piece of technology. Even if the society is not yet ready for something this advanced, which is the possible reason Google is keeping the consumer launch of the device a year-ish away, this peace of futuristic technology will definitely make people want to get one and start looking cool.

To get you started already, Google has posted a How-to video from a fresh YouTube account dedicated to Google Glass.

The introductory video shows how the basic touch gestures of Google Glass works, how to adjust the Glass lens and a few other basic tutorial. Of course, it doesn’t cover everything we know the Glass is capable of, but for starters, the video gets you going with a Glass right in front of your eyes. It also looks like the account will be posting more Glass-related video and tutorials in the coming days. Now, only wish you had a piece of Glass!

See the video below and share what you think in the comments.

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