Google I/O 2013 session list is live; Focuses on Android and Chrome

google i/o 2013 session list

Google has finally posted the schedule and session list of 3-day I/O conference starting from May 15 on┬áMoscone Center, San Francisco. From the looks of it, most of the sessions are about Android — Google’s mobile operating system, and Chrome. But there’s a session for almost all major Google products if you click the “Show other sessions” on the list.

Google faced some criticism due to poor performance of this year’s I/O conference’s ticketing system. Users faced technical glitch repeatedly when they tried to pay the ticket price of $900 through the only payment gateway available, Google Wallet.

Many people took to Google+ to express their frustration and anger for not being able to get their hands on an I/O ticket this year due to Google’s poor payment processing system. Many urged that Google Wallet should undergo some serious stress testing before it’s put up again for a heavy event like this. Some other people also said that other payment processing systems, including PayPal, should be allowed for big events like this.

Google is holding a separate session just for discussing about Google Wallet and it is expected that the attendees will get to express their anger unless Google apologizes on stage and shows some valid reason why the problem occurred and what they are doing to make sure it doesn’t repeat.

Are you one of the unlucky ones who couldn’t get a Google I/O ticket due to Google Wallet’s error? You shouldn’t be sad, though. Better luck next year; because Google I/O just keeps getting more interesting every year.

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