Google Partners with SoundCloud and TuneIn among others to show app activity on search

soundcloud on google

In a few days, when you search for popular music services such as SoundCloud or TuneIn on Google, you will discover a nice area on the right side of the search result page that will show you what’s popular from that application on the giant’s social networking site, Google Plus.

Google recently announced its partnership with SoundCloud, TuneIn, Deezer, Fandango, Flixster, Slacker Radio and Songza to bring app activities from Google Plus to its search result pages. What this basically will do is promote what’s trending on Google+ from these services when people search on Google. This is an obvious promotion for both the application and Google as the person searching on the web will not only get his expected result but also what’s trending from that app in Google Plus.

Bringing app activities from Google+ to Google search is another sign that Google is doing anything and almost everything they can to make people interact with Google Plus. The company’s social network may not have seen a rise as that of Facebook, but it’s definitely rising one way or another with mostly professionals in its territory.

Would you mind seeing app activity from Google+ next time you search for SoundCloud or TuneIn on Google?

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