You can now download and use Google Fonts on your desktop

google fonts on desktop

Good news for Windows and Mac users. Google has released all of its fonts from Google Fonts for offline use in Windows and Mac computers. The news came a few weeks after Google rebranded the collection of web fonts from Google Web Fonts to Google Fonts.

Until this, you could only use beautiful fonts from Google’s catalog on your website or blog by using adding some line of code. Google has teamed up with to bring all these fonts available for desktop via sync with SkyFont. So, in order to use any of the fonts from Google Fonts, you will need to download and install SkyFont.

If you’re curious, don’t hesitate to give it a try over here┬ábecause you don’t always get over 600 professionally-made beautiful font faces for free!

Have you ever used Google Fonts? Are you planning to use them now that they are available for offline use?

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