Another Google Glass app is out; Takes photos with a wink

camera on google glass

When Google released Google Glass Explorer Edition, about a year-ish ahead of its consumer launch, the company knew the potential. Developers are the people who make tech amazing. If Android is number one mobile phone operating system in today’s smartphone market, it’s because of all these apps. And all these apps are there because of the developers.

Now that Google Glass’ API and real devices are in developers’ hand, they have already started developing apps for it. And one of the first app is to take a photo not by any voice command or touch gesture, but just by winking your eyes.

The Winky app, available for you to view through GitHub, was developed by Mike DiGiovanni who works as an Emerging Technology Lead at Roundarch Isobar. He says, the Glass has some pretty cool sensor algorithms. It can detect magnitude and length of winks. So, a typical wink will not activate Winky to take a photo. You will have to learn how exactly to blink to activate it.

The developer also says that during his exploration with code, he discovered that the Glass can detect at least four types of blinks of eyes.

Though it sounds promising, it really isn’t when you take privacy concerns into account. With general Google Glass user interface, you will have to say the word or touch the touchpad to activate camera, which will, at least, give a signal to the surrounding people that you’re onto something. But if you wear a pair of sunglass mounted with Google Glass and you blink a hundred times to take a hundred photos, nobody will ever know.

Therefore, whether or not such an app will see the actual consumer use is still a matter of time and law.

Would you be interested in winking to take photos with Google Glass? More importantly, will you be comfortable in public places anymore knowing that people around you might be taking your photos without your consent?

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