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Watch: This dog wears Google Glass!

google glass dog

Christine Erickson over at Mashable must have had a hard time coming up with what to do at her leisure time. Perhaps she didn’t have any friends to go poking around or was in a writer’s block to come up with a good article for the once-good Mashable. I think while she was brainstorming, her dog showed up and an otherwise awkward idea popped up on her mind.

She was one of the early adopters of whistle-blowing Google Glass. And she thought letting the dog use this much expensive and much anticipated gadget will be an Internet hit in no time. Therefore, she equipped her dog with the $1500 Google Glass, for which everyone else will have to wait for a year-ish of time, and she let the dog go.

The next thing you know, there are 10 high resolution pictures taken from the Glass camera while it was mounted on the dog. What’s more, there’s even a video!

Crazy as it is, we thought this would be a good entertainment for our readers, too; until they start thinking that even dogs these days lead a better life!

Check out these photos taken by Google Glass while it’s equipped with the dog.

dog wears google glass

google glass dog

google glass dog

dog wearing google glass

Now the video:

Christine writes that since people spend $3.2 million for buying collars for their dogs, why wouldn’t they buy Google Glass for their dogs, too, when the gadget becomes publicly available? Well, the argument is valid in terms of bucks, but I highly doubt that something as hot as Google Glass is good for mounting on dog, especially since they can’t talk!

Perhaps Google is offended by this incident? We’ll never know.

Do you already feel neglected for being born as a human and not as a pet dog to a Mashable writer? Share your sympathy for yourself in the comments.


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