Gmail for iOS now linked to Chrome, Google Maps and YouTube

gmail on iOS

Native Gmail application on iOS platform used to open Google Maps, YouTube and other URLs from the body of an email message in a browser. But with its latest update, users are given the choice to open web links on Chrome app, Google Maps URL on Google Maps app and YouTube URL on YouTube app.

Google has a native app for all these services on iOS for some time now. But until the recent update, users had to go to the browser on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch whenever any URL — website, Maps or YouTube — is clicked from Gmail app. Google knew it had been missing the opportunity to promote — and also let people know — that native apps for these services are available. And that’s why the latest Gmail update has been pushed.

Google was flexible enough to let the user decide whether or not the URL should be opened in their native apps. As you can see in the screenshot above, an in-app settings on Gmail allows user to toggle. If Google hadn’t done that, probably there would a slew of criticism of Google forcing users to use its own app giving Microsoft the next project for its Scroogled campaign.

Are you using Gmail on iOS? Do you plan to turn these settings on or off?

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