Google Glass gets a software update

google glass

Google Glass is off to a good start. Amid humors and discussions on whether the Glass concept is a nice idea, developers have been writing apps for Glass and Google has already started pushing software updates to the lucky ones who got Google Glass Explorer Edition. According to reports, the search giant has just pushed a new update titled XE5 that brings a couple of bug fixes and enhancements.

Among the new features is the ability to set when and where Glass can upload data in the background. As a result of the new rule, apps on Glass will only be able to upload data when it’s connected to a power source and a local WiFi network at the same time. Another update includes the ability to see notifications for Hangout, mentions, comments and shares from Google+. Glass users can also +1 and comment on posts right from the Glass.

Battery indicator is also more accurate, according to Google, though this update has not been reported to consume low battery. Folks at Phandroid have managed to get a changelog of what this software update brings on Glass:

Change to sync policy: require power + WiFi for background uploads
Crash reporting
Incoming G+ notifications (direct shares, comments, +mentions), including ability to comment and +1
Incoming Hangout notifications
Transcription of queries & messages is now wicked-fast
Long-press to search from anywhere in the UI (no longer just from off)
International number dialing + SMS
Hop animation on disallowed swipes in the UI
New On-Head Detection calibration flow
Show device Serial Number on Device Info card
More reliable estimation of battery charge remaining
New recipient-list mosaic

Though this is not fascinating for most of the world since not a lot of people own a Google Glass, but it’s nice to see that Google is working hard to make Glass a better product.


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