Brace yourself: YouTube subscription model is coming sooner than you think


Subscription model for watching YouTube videos from some video channels has been anonymously confirmed. According to reports, the subscription model can go live as early as this week.

YouTube has been in talks with various YouTube content creators (channels) to help them finance to create a wider range of content such as TV shows and movies. Getting viewers pay for their works will not just finance them for their next project, but will also inspire them to keep creating more and better content that the people want to watch.

Initially, the new YouTube subscription model is said to include up to 50 YouTube channels. Viewers will have to pay for subscribing to each of these channels. There’s no way to pay a fixed price to access them all just yet, which we think would be great. However, subscription price to each of these channels is said to start at as low as $1.99 per month.

None of these information is verified by YouTube yet.

YouTube representative told Mashable that it is looking into creating a subscription platform that could bring even more great content to YouTube. But the rep hasn’t confirmed that it’s coming this week or that the subscription per month will start at $1.99. It’s The Financial Times that has reported these information citing¬†anonymous¬†sources.

It’s definitely a great thing that content creators can now monetize their work more than ever before. But to take their channel behind a paywall, they will have to go extremely creative and useful because getting people to pay is not really an easy thing to do.

However, as end users, we should be happy. Now that the competitions are heating up, we expect to see more professionally-made, useful and valuable videos on YouTube. Rumor has that original TV series may also be coming to YouTube once the subscription model goes live. But that information still carries a big grain of salt. So we still have to wait and see what comes by.

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