Google Wallet Vice President steps down; I/O ticketing to blame?


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Google Wallet disappointed many people during the payment processing of this year’s Google I/O conference. Could that be the reason the vice president is stepping down?

Venture Beat reported that the Vice President of Google Wallet, Osama Bedier, is stepping down from Google. The news was later confirmed by Google in a statement that reads “Beider has decided to leave Google this year.”

Before joining Google in 2011, Bedier worked at PayPal for eight years. However, he didn’t quite succeed in making Google Wallet a popular choice of payment. Consumers still use this payment processing system to purchase apps and other items from Google Play Store simply because there is no additional payment option available.

Google Wallet was never quite praised for its performance. The latest criticism regarding Google Wallet flowed in right after the tickets of Google I/O 2013 were sold. Many people took to Twitter and Google+ to express their anger at how Google Wallet failed a big time processing their payment under heavy pressure. Some urged that Google Wallet should undergo some serious stress-testing before it is used again for a large event like I/O. Many other said that for a high-profile event like the I/O, additional payment methods should be allowed.

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About two months after the devastation with Google Wallet, VP of Google Wallet is said to be leaving the company to pursue other opportunities. But the reason behind him stepping down could very well be this year’s Google Wallet issue people faced when trying to purchase an I/O ticket.

Were you among the ones who had a hard time processing I/O ticket this year? Would you be interested in seeing other payment methods in addition to Google Wallet? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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