A physical Google Wallet credit card is not coming

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Many will be looking forward to Google I/O for the fate and future of Google’s payment processing system, Google Wallet.

There seems to be a lot of things going on in Google’s Google Wallet division. First, the vice president of Google Wallet decided to step down. And now, the plan for a physical credit card with Google Wallet branding is said to have been canceled.

According to reports from AllThingsD, Google CEO Larry Page ditched the physical card because he is dissatisfied with its reliability. The physical card is also said to have technical glitches.

Earlier this year, Google Wallet came under criticism after it failed a big time during the ticket purchase of Google’s I/O conference. Some say that could be connected to the head of Google Wallet stepping down. And now Google’s reported plan to cancel a physical credit card for Google Wallet shows that the company itself is not quite happy with Google Wallet.

Google Wallet currently has two ways of use. Select smartphones can connect with select credit cards through Google Wallet that enables the user to pay through the phone’s NFC technology. Another one is purchasing apps, books, music and other items from Google Play Store using the credit card connected through Google Wallet.

Google wants to reward people who choose to pay through Google Wallet with incentives and other loyalty programs. But before that, the company needs to make sure that the service itself is satisfactory and available. Apparently, that’s what Google is currently focused on. We expect to learn more information from Google I/O conference about what Google’s plans are with Google Wallet.

Have you ever used Google Wallet? Are you happy with its service?


  1. I use it on the app store and I’ve used it on my Nexus 7. I even tried to get it to work on my Note 2, but alas none of the work around are functional anymore. I still have my breath held and fingers crossed. I really wanna use this someday, whether it’s on my Note 2 or my future Note 3.

    1. Outside of the US, it’s no use. I still use Google Wallet as a payment processor when purchasing apps from Google Play for my Android. But that’s because I managed to get a Payoneer Debit MasterCard off oDesk. My friends over here have no way of using Google Wallet because the local credit cards aren’t supported.

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