Google chooses Debian as default operating system for Google Compute Engine

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The Debian logo.

If you’re in need of large-scale cloud computing and you want to do it on Google’s land, Google Compute Engine is your go to service. To make the service faster and better, the search giant has recently announced that the newly released Debian version 7.0 codenamed Wheezy will serve as the default operating system for developers on Google Compute Engine.

In addition to the latest version of Debian. developers can also install Debian 6.0 if that’s what they choose to use.

It is somewhat clear why Google is opting for Debian as its default operating system instead of Ubuntu and Red Hat where Google had to deal with companies. With Debian, Google not only gets a huge customer base but also gets a completely free operating system with no one to deal with that wants to make some money. (Take Canonical in the case of Ubuntu.)

The latest version of Debian operating system, Wheezy, was just released last week and is said to have hardened security and better 32 and 64-bit compatibility. Google said that it is evaluating other operating systems that might fit the Google Compute Engine system and may be made available in the future. Developers are expecting more detailed announcements about what Google’s strategy is with its Compute Engine in the I/O conference due this month.

For those unaware, Debian is the base Linux-based operating system that powers many more distros including Ubuntu and Linux Mint. However, according to DistroWatch, the operating system is currently ranked fifth in popularity. The top rank is secured by Linux Mint, which is based upon Ubuntu that once used to rank first in the list.

Check out the pricing for Google Compute Engine here.

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