Google Play Games is on its way! Get ready to save your gaming scores on the cloud

google play games

Google is reportedly pushing a new update to its Google Play Services app to Android users that brings a hot new update called Google Play Games. According to one source who managed to obtain an APK of the latest Google Play Services, this brings Google Play Games along with many amazing new features including multiplayer functionality, leaderboards, achievements, saving game scores to the cloud etc.

The source, Android Police, has said that the current version of Google Play Services that most Android devices are running is v3.0.27. The new version, v3.1.36 is said to be a massive update.

Ron Amadeo from Android Police shares his screenshot that shows the Play Games icon on his homescreen as well as the notification settings page for Google Play Games which appears to be highly integrated with Google+.  He wrote that among other updates, the new Google Play Services brings a lot of stuff related to games. If you use a custom launcher like Nova Launcher, you will be able to pull up some of those settings to place them directly on the homescreen as shortcut icons.

There’s no expected date as to when your device will receive the updated Google Play Services. But Ron writes that the update is being pushed slowly to many devices. So, you might want to keep checking your settings from time to time.

If you’re feeling geeky and want to take a full APK teardown of what the new Google Play Services has to offer that’s related with Google Play Games, do not hesitate to take a look over at the source link below. But before that, let us know if you welcome the idea of Google saving all your game-related stuff on its cloud.


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