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How to add Save to Drive button on website and blog

save to drive

Google recently announced a Save to Drive button for websites that allows webmasters and bloggers to add a shiny button that enables visitors to save the content directly to their Google Drive. There used to be a Chrome Extension for this since a long time, but this is the first time Google enabled a button that can be directly integrated into websites.

The button would be most relevant to sites that offer to download content such as PDF files, audio files or any other form of file that users want to download. By using the Save to Drive button, users can directly save that file to their Google Drive. This saves the time of downloading the file onto their computer and uploading back to a private cloud storage (such as Dropbox or Google Drive).

How to add Save to Drive button

For developers, adding the button to their website is as easy as pie. Just modify the HTML code below and add it to the place where you want the save to drive button to show up.

<script src=””></script>
data-filename=”My Statement.pdf”
data-sitename=”My Company Name”

To make this work, though, you will need to specify a direct link to the file that will be downloaded onto the user’s Google Drive. But if you are feeling geeky and would rather put your programming skills into action, feel free to check out Google’s documentation about Google Drive SDK (Save to Drive) here. To ask questions to Google and the experts, you can also go to Stack Overflow.

Essentially Google wants you to get in the habit of left-clicking to save items directly onto your cloud storage instead of right clicking and saving files on your computers. This may turn into habit given the time it saves. Also, if you have Google Drive installed on your computer, saving the file on Google Drive will also automatically download (sync) the file to your local computer.

Two birds in one shot, we’d say!

What’s your take on Google’s Save to Drive button? Would you like to see it come built-in with Google Chrome browser someday?

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