Google enables developers to reply to user reviews on Google Play Store

When was the last time you installed an application, it didn’t work, and you left a 1-star rating on Google Play Store thinking that the app is bad just because it doesn’t work on your device? Things like that are one of the many nightmares of app developers. Starting today, app developers on Google Play Store has the ability to reply to your review whenever you leave them on Google Play.

This is an important addition since it strengthens the developer-user communication.

developer reply on google play store

In Google’s Android Development blog, Google wrote that the quality of review has increased after the integration of Google+ profiles into app reviews. To make things even better, Google has finally introduced the ability to reply to user reviews on the store.

Developers can reply to user reviews from Google Play Developer console. The user whose review is being responded to will receive an email as soon as the reply from the developer is posted. Moreover, the developer’s response will be shown on Play Store below the corresponding user review.

Upon getting a response from the developer, you — the user — can anytime update the review as well as change how many stars you rate it. Developers can also update their replies. But Google noted that users are not obliged to update their review once they get a response from the developer. But we think you should do, actually, given that the developer is responsive and friendly!

So, from now on, expect to hear back from developers when you leave a comment or suggestion on the app review. And for developers, if they don’t respond to user reviews, which is publicly shown on every app page, it will definitely concern the potential users of it.

Over all, this seems to be a nice move from Google that should have happened long ago. What’s your take on this?

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