A Google version of Samsung Galaxy S4 is hitting Play Store on June 26, retailing for $649

samsung galaxy s4 google edition

Just like it was rumored earlier, Google has just announced a nearly Nexus-version of Samsung Galaxy S4, the flagship phone of the biggest smartphone maker in the industry today. The announcement was made on the Keynote of Google I/O 2013 happening right now.

According to Google, this LTE version that comes with 16GB storage has an unlocked bootloader and runs stock Android operating system. The company also mentioned that it will receive prompt updates from Google making sure that the users get a Nexus experience right out of Galaxy S4 hardware.

The Google edition of Samsung Galaxy S4 will cost $649 and will be available from June 26. The phone will be available under T-Mobile as well as on Google Play Store.

Just to remind you, Galaxy S4 may give you a Nexus experience but that’s from a software point of view. The hardware is essentially the same that Samsung has designed and manufactured. So, if you get a Galaxy S4 running stock Android operating system, you don’t lack the luxury of having the hottest gadget of the time.

Are you interested in getting the Google edition of Galaxy S4? Let us know why or why not.

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