Google introduces Google Play game services at I/O: Features include Cloud Save and multiplayer service

google play game services

Google I/O conference for 2013 has just kicked off and on this year’s really long keynote, Google has already started announcing some of the big things the rest of the world is going to enjoy within a few days.

Google Play game services has been rumored for a few days and Google has just turned rumor into an announcement. Shipping today is an update to Google Play Services that will bring Google Play game services. This will enhance how you play various games on your multiple devices.

Google Play game services has a feature called Cloud Save which lets you save games on the cloud under your Google account. This way, you can finish a level of a game in your mobile and pick up the next level on your tablet. Of course, you have to be logged in to the same account on both of your devices. A big improvement, goes without saying!

Another feature is the comprehensive multiplayer services that lets you invite other players from your Google+ circles and play games. There’s an online leaderboard where you can see your scores as well as that of your friends. Of course, the Google Play game services is tightly integrated with Google+ social network. So, if you want to take advantage of Google Play game services, you really must be serious about having your gamer friends on Google+.

Google said that the update will be shipped via Google Play Services later today across all devices through Google Play Store.

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Photo courtesy: The Verge

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