Samsung Galaxy S4 Google Edition rumored for Google I/O

samsung galaxy s4 google edition

Google’s whistle-blowing I/O conference starts tomorrow, and we already have a hot rumor floating around the web. According to various reports, a new “Google Edition” of Samsung Galaxy S4 is set to be announced on the stage of this year’s Google I/O conference.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a nice piece of hardware. But many people find it difficult to move around the Samsung’s own user interface and many additional applications the device comes with. To make things easier, a Google Edition of Samsung Galaxy S4 will feature Stock Android operating system, something a lot of Android users are familiar with. This version of S4 will feature AOSP as it is.

Google’s last phone was Nexus 4, built under Google’s guideline by LG, which seemed fair success despite the shortage of stock. The Galaxy S4 is, however, built by Samsung under no guideline by Google. What Google would do is put a stock Android, the Google version of Android operating system, onto the device.

For those that it will attract, the device’s Google Edition is expected to be available on T-Mobile bands starting in June. However, further information on the pricing could not be obtained at this moment. But we’re keen to see how much Samsung Galaxy S4’s Google Edition costs since one of the best things about Google’s hardware (Chromebooks, Nexuses) has always been the attractive price point.

Let’s hold the breath until the keynote.

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