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Microsoft mocks bouncing Chrome video from I/O: Isn’t it time the company stopped mocking and start making its products better?

chrome logo at google i/o 2013

If you watched the keynote of Google I/O conference where Chrome’s short animated video is shown, you’ll remember the part where the Chrome icon bounces on mobile phone, tablet and desktop computer. Microsoft was quite quick to come up with an identical mock-up of the video and tried to explain how Google tracks you wherever you are and makes money out of you. The video, like the rest of the campaign, ends up with “Don’t get Scroogled” advice. There have been so many Scroogled videos and attempts lately that we’ve started to wonder, isn’t it time Microsoft stopped mocking Google and start making their products a little better?

The IE nightmare

internet explorer

Developers are the people who make our lives easier. If there’s a beautiful website out there, thank the developers because they made it possible out of thousands of lines of code. But ask those same developers what their worst nightmare is, you’ll probably get the same answer: Internet Explorer.

Developers have to make sure that what they develop works on all web browsers. Since Microsoft Windows is the most used operating system on computer and it ships with Internet Explorer built-in, many people don’t bother to look for an alternative browser and use IE for their browsing purpose. And any developer would agree that making things look beautiful is still a little bit difficult on Internet Explorer.

People today spend more time browsing the Internet than the last decade. If you ask around the people with moderate knowledge, you’ll find out that most people prefer either Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari as their browser. Very few people would come up with the name Internet Explorer.

Granted, IE has gotten better since the ninth version was released. But I don’t think anyone would say that it goes anywhere near Google Chrome. The real competition in the browser world as of today is between Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. But Internet Explorer does not come anywhere near its competitors including Firefox, Opera, Safari and Chrome.

Is Google all about money?

At I/O conference’s nearly-four-hour keynote, we’ve seen Google doesn’t only think about making money. Of course, the company has a large number of employees and they need to make profit after paying out the salary. So yeah, they do need to make money. But making money is not really where Google’s vision is at. Google makes a lot of money out of advertisements on search, websites and YouTube. Still Google is coming up with new services as well as making awesome improvements to its services.

the new google maps
The new Google Maps shows locations in breathtakingly realistic 3D.

Not from a Google fan perspective, but as an average Internet guy, I would say that Google does think about making people’s lives easier. True that the idea of Glass may seem awkward a little. But think about Google’s latest enhancements and features in Google+ photos. It automatically picks your best photos and makes them even more beautiful just by a single click. See the new Google Maps. It’s all there to make our lives a little easier, right?

And it doesn’t end there, Google announced several new APIs, so expect to see more brilliant ideas turning into reality with the new Google Maps.

IE doesn’t come anywhere near Chrome as a competitor

As for Chrome, isn’t it amazing how Google syncs all your browser history, saved form data and everything else between your desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone? In fact, that’s one reason I prefer Google Chrome for my browsing across multiple devices. Firefox has a sync option, too; but Google does it with a single Google account. And I prefer to keep the number of passwords I have to remember to a minimum.

Firefox’s syncing system may not be as easy, but still they have it. But think about Internet Explorer. Duh, they don’t even exist on Android, or Linux-based operating systems, or iOS, or Mac OS X for that matter. As for Chrome, it syncs between every device and it is available for Windows, Linux-based OS, Mac, Android and iOS. So, who do you think is making people’s life better?

To make people’s life better, you have to work hard. You have to come up with a monetization plan. I don’t mind Google making money out of the luxury it’s giving me. I don’t need to remember bookmarks anymore. Even if Microsoft Windows becomes terribly slow, I can just reinstall it, install Chrome and log in. My operating system is kind of blank, but my browser is right where I left off.

It’s time for Microsoft to act mature

I’m not a Microsoft hater. I love Android; but that does not make me an Apple hater, because I love Macs. Right now I’m writing this post from Windows operating system (on a Chrome browser), so I can’t say Microsoft is a trash. Microsoft do make great products. Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT have potential. I’m not sure about IE, though; but I’m sure it’s getting better. It’s kind of Microsoft’s fault because they are left behind when the industry is going through a dramatic change.

Microsoft probably thought they’d sell DVD box of Windows and Office forever. But people’s demand has changed. They are going to subscription option and has already taken their Office applications to cloud. Guess what, Google did that first. And as cloud productivity suite, I think Google does it better.

Outlook.com has been a success since it was launched. Now that’s the kind of product that needs little convincing to get people using it.

So, instead of being mad at Google and acting like a child to get people stop using Google, I believe it would be a lot wiser if Microsoft just started working on making its products better. Advertisements do make people want to try out the product, but if it isn’t worth it, people won’t be there. People wouldn’t have used Chrome so much unless it was really that great. If Microsoft made a great product, (which Surface isn’t) people would definitely use that.

My advice as a Windows user to Microsoft is, “Act mature, research on what people want and how to make your products better instead of wasting your time mocking Google with that ridiculous Scroogled campaign. People want to get things done. As long as Google enables them to get things done with no nearly-good competitor, people will be using Google.”

Become a worthy competitor with a worthy product, and people will be on your side.


  1. Because, you know, Microsoft never tracks any of your info. And there’s totally nothing remotely resembling AdBlock.

    1. This is the strangest part, they have a whole page devoted to targeted advertising on their website. It says how they scan peoples profiles for age and gender, and their browsing history to target ads.

  2. I don’t really care as long as my data is kept safe and I don’t have to pay for Youtube, Gmail, Google Plus and Google Maps. It’s an exchange I’m willing to make in order to use their services. Don’t want your data stored? Then start paying for Google!

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