Now you can send money as an attachment with Gmail

send money as attachment

Google Wallet has been in talks ever since the tickets of Google I/O 2013 were sold out. Last time we reported, it was about Google Wallet’s VP stepping down and Larry Page confirming that a physical Google Wallet credit card is not coming up anytime soon. However, at I/O conference, Google did announce something out of the blue. It now allows you to send money as an attachment straight from Gmail.

If you already have a Google Wallet account, you can add any amount of money (minimum $0.30) by clicking the dollar sign on compose window as seen in the photo above. If you’re paying through a debit or credit card, you will be charged with an additional 2.9% fee. But if you’re transferring directly from a bank account, sending money as an attachment is totally free of cost.

On the other hand, the recipient needs to sign up for Google Wallet before they can make good use of the money. They can either transfer the money to their bank account connected to Google Wallet, or they can use the money for buying items through Google Wallet.

Google said that the new feature will be rolling out to users that are over 18 years old within the next few months. So, keep an eye on your compose window for a dollar sign to appear. You might like what you find if you are a Google Wallet user.

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