Google using WebP image format saving 50% bandwidth on Google+ app, no one knew

webpIf you use Google+ application on Android, you would be thrilled to know that all those pictures being loaded on your device since last month and a half are not really JPG or JPEG format. They are Google’s experimental WebP image format. Big benefit of this new format is that it saves 50% bandwidth maintaining almost same quality as the original.

At a presentation held on Google I/O conference, Googlers said that the fact Androids can show WebP image formats natively has helped them reduce bandwidth by 50% by showing images in WebP format. The search giant says within the next year, WebP format images will be shown across all of its platforms — from Google Image search to every other product — on the web, too.

Earlier, Google started using WebP format images in Chrome Web Store without any big announcement. According to them, WebP formatted images are 30% smaller in size than PNG formats. Since Google has to deal with a lot of images among all of its services, the company is now looking at efficient ways to save bandwidth and serve images faster for better user experience.

We reported earlier that Google is also pushing a WebM format to YouTube videos soon with its newest VP9 video codec. The goal is same: to save bandwidth. We guess WebP means Web Picture and WebM means Web Media — and Google has them both. No doubt the company is now making it better for everyone.

At this moment, the only platforms supporting WebP image formats are Chrome, Android and Opera. However, Google says it hopes Firefox will soon support WebP image formats within the next year.

Have you noticed a speedy improvement over image loading on your Google+ app on Android?

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