Google+ for Android updated with Snapseed integration and all the new features from I/O announcement

It was just about time until the Android application for Google+ sees an update with all the new features that was announced on last week’s Google I/O conference. Google stated in a blog post that version 4 of Google+ for Android is now available via Play Store that packs all the latest features you can already enjoy on Google+ from desktop computer.

google plus on android

Google was obvious enough to reveal its strategy with Google+. The company emphasizes on Google+ Photos greatly to attract people. Now users from Android can enjoy the new photo features such as auto enhance and auto awesome that turns dull photos into an amazing one in matter of a click. But what’s more, Google has integrated some of Snapseed’s editing tools right into Google+ for Android. For those who have tried Snapseed at least once will know that this is a big plus.

Google acquired Snapseed last year and released an Android app on Play Store which proved to be a big success. The photo editing app comes with many photo editing tools that everyone just has to love! And now that some of its features are built right into Google+, people will naturally be intrigued to upload their photos to Google+.

Other features such as auto-hashtagging, Hangout etc has also been introduced to the updated app. If you’ve already tried the redesigned Google+, you’ll be happy to find those features on your Android as well.

On the official blog post, Google mentioned that this was the 42nd update to Google+. Earlier at the I/O, Google noted that there were 41 new enhancements and features rolling out to the desktop version of Google+ (Which means Google+ on the web, though). This 42nd update brings most — if not all — of those 41 updates into an Android app. But the post was concluded by teasing a 43rd update.

Now, that’s something we obviously look forward to.

Have you been using Google+ app on Android lately?

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