Google disables downloads from Google Code; recommends Drive

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If you’re one of those developers who have been offering downloads to open source software via Google’s free service Google Code, you might have to change your taste. Google has recently announced that it will disable downloads from Google Code service directly in order to keep the community safe and secure.

On its open source blog, Google writes that the company believes its download service from Google Code — also known as Google Project Hosting — is under misuse and it’s increasing recently. Based on these incidents, Google decided to stop the “hosting” service of Google Code for developers.

Google stated that existing projects that have download option will not see any visible change until January 14, 2014, when their ability to create download will be shut down. On the other hand, for projects that don’t have a download page yet will not be able to create any download from now on. This applies to new Google Code projects as well.

Google mentioned Google Drive as an alternative to upload all the download files for Google Code developers — existing and new — and has posted a guideline on how to move files from Google Code hosting to Google Drive. However, if your project doesn’t need newer uploads periodically, you might want to relax as Google noted that downloads in existing projects will remain accessible for the foreseeable future.

Bottom line, if your file needs to be uploaded, or if you don’t have any file uploaded at all, use Google Drive instead.

Although Google hasn’t specified what’s the reason for sudden shut down of Google Code hosting to new and existing projects, ZDNet writes that increasing use of Google Code to download malware to user’s computer could be the reason. Hit that link if you’re interested to read more about the reason.

Are you a Google Code developer? What’s your reaction to this story? I would say Google knows how to get people use its services in one way or another! Tell us in the comments.

Source: Google Open Source Blog


    1. Yup, I once learned how to push updates to Github projects. And then forgot. 😛 But I guess Google Code is already less-user-friendly than github.

      By the way, does Github support unlimited storage? Just wondering.

      1. In terms of UX and Features, google code is nowhere near github :v
        Learning git is (almost) a must for every good developer.
        Github has a soft limit of 300MB. But i’m not gonna store movies there anyway :v

  1. May they go the Zynga Way in the most painful, humiliating and excruciting way. I’ll move away all my projects from them, and start actively fight back boycotting those big G m0rons in the worst way.

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