Google planning to develop wireless network for emerging markets, reports WSJ

Google MobileThe Wall Street Journal has recently published a report saying the search giant Google is in talks of a new project of developing wireless networks in frequencies lower than cell networks that are reserved for TV broadcasts. The company is said to be in talks with the governments trying to convince them that such a technology would work.

As reported, Google plans on developing such wireless network in emerging countries such as sub-Saharan Africa and Southeast Asia. If the company can develop a wireless network in such low frequencies below the existing cell phone frequency, it claims that signals can easily be transmitted through buildings and other obstacles for longer distance. However, that frequency is currently reserved for TV networks. To develop the network, they need government approval.

The WSJ reported that Google is already in talks with regulators in countries such as South Africa and Kenya to change the current rule which would allow the company to build the network.

In addition to wireless networks, Google is also said to be working to develop an ecosystem of new microprocessors and low-cost smartphones running Android operating system that would operate under the network the company is trying to develop. Although further specifics on the smartphones weren’t revealed, we assume it would allow the company to take over local cell phone brands and carriers by allowing Google to be the smartphone manufacturer and wireless network provider at the same time.

But we will definitely have to wait quite a long time to see that in action.


Source: WSJ

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