Apps on Google Glass won’t be permitted to use facial recognition technology

Google has updated its policy stating that the use of facial recognition technology for apps on Google Glass is not yet permitted. But the company noted that the policy will be updated based on user feedback in the coming months.

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Under the increasing amount of privacy concerned centered around Google’s new wearable technology, Google has announced something that will make people feel less concerned about others wearing Google Glass around them. On Project Glass’ Google+ page, the company announced that Glassware won’t be allowed to use facial recognition technology to identify people through its camera.

For those not yet familiar with the term, Glassware are the software or apps developed by others for Google Glass. Like there is an app for snapping photos and uploading to Twitter, there’s an app to wink and take a photo and so on. But if you’re a developer and you were thinking of adding facial recognition technology into your app, you’re out of luck.

Although Google Glass for consumer is not yet available in the market, there are quite a number of users with the explorer edition. But Google said it is listening to user feedback and will update its policy regarding the use of facial recognition technology in its Glass in the coming weeks or months.

So, Google is still trying to figure out how to allow app developers to use facial recognition without raising privacy concerns for others around them. While they’re at it, you can’t use the Glass to technologically recognize anyone just yet!

Would you be comfortable with Google Glass packed with facial recognition technology running around you?


Source: +Project Glass

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