Second Generation Samsung series 3 Chromebook not likely before 2014; Series 5 is gone

The tech world started to wonder whether the Samsung series 5 Chromebook will see an update anytime ever. While the tech press was writing about it, TIME contacted Samsung PR and received a prompt response. According to TIME's Techland article, Samsung series 5 is considered replaced by the lower-priced cheap series 3 Chromebook which costs just $249.
samsung series 5 chromebook

The tech world started to wonder whether the Samsung series 5 Chromebook will see an update anytime ever. While the tech press was writing about it, TIME contacted Samsung PR and received a prompt response. According to TIME’s Techland article, Samsung series 5 is considered replaced by the lower-priced cheap series 3 Chromebook which costs just $249.

In addition to the news of the death of series 5 Chromebook, Samsung PR also wrote in an email that there won’t be a new version — or say, second generation — until 2014.

Chromebooks are meant to be online. Initially it was thought to be just an expensive browser that comes with a hardware. Over the year, Chrome OS has improved significantly. It now looks and feels like an operating system with native-like apps and a desktop background. The OS also supports offline working. But then again, unlike Chromebook Pixel, people aren’t really likely to spend huge bucks to buy a secondary computer. And yes, Chromebooks are perfect as a secondary machine — for browsing, writing and watching movies.

Samsung series 5 Chromebook used to cost around $500. There are still a few retailers that are selling the device. You can also grab a refurbished one. But Samsung has come up with a conclusion that if people want Chromebook, they’d go for a low-priced device. And Samsung series 3 is the one to go to.

samsung series 3 chromebook

I initially liked Samsung series 3 Chromebook as well. There’s no way I would be spending that much money for a laptop that runs just a browser. Compared to series 5, series 3 looks much smarter, thinner, smaller, more portable and stylish. Kind of like the MacBook Air. If I want to purchase a Chromebook, it’s because I want more battery life and portability (not to mention less weight) on the go. Samsung series 3 really is the one I want to grab.

But many reviewers wrote that Samusng series 3 build quality looks cheap because of its plastic material. However, what can you expect from a $249 laptop? The reviewers use a lot of devices so their review don’t always compare to real life use. From an average consumer’s view, I would say Samsung made the right choice by ditching Samsung series 5 for series 3 Chromebooks.

But then again, no second generation until 2014 is a disappointing tip for me, personally.

Would you be missing a Samsung series 5 Chromebook? What about no second-gen of series 3 this year?


Source: TIME


    1. Chromebooks are not a waste of money, dude! Go read the actual user reviews from Amazon (as well as reviews from tech sites). It’s a surprisingly good machine at a surprisingly low price. It doesn’t compare with tablets. For me, for example, tablets just don’t cut it. I write a lot. And tablets don’t give me that option. Pairing up with a bluetooth keyboard is an option but productivity doesn’t strike me that way. I want a real full-blown laptop with keyboard and mouse. And lightweight, portable device that gets me online, browsing and writing (not necessarily reading PDFs and stuff, for which tablet is definitely a better alternative).

      You might say ultraportables/ultrabooks are the answers. But hey, sometimes price does matter. My existing Windows laptop works pretty fine for me. I want another device just to go online, get my writing and researching done (which is entirely done on the web).

      So yeah, Chromebooks are the right device for people like me (and trust me, there are lots of people like me). Bottom line is, Chromebooks may be crappy for you as it won’t serve your purpose, but to each his own. I think Surface RT is a crap, but some pros actually love it ( ) .

      I think you get my point. Trust me, a lot of people have bought it, used it, and more people are actually waiting for a second generation of Samsung series 3 Chromebook. For content creators and web researchers, Chromebook (series 3) totally replaces tablets! Trust me or not!

      1. Chromebooks are still waste of money in country like Bangladesh. When you have 4/5 MBPS internet connection then you MAY just think about it. I know you also write in Bangla. Are you sure Chromebook will support Bangla? Have you heard from anyone Bangla works?

        Besides, Chromebook updates each time before booting the laptop. In a country like ours, you won’t get the benefit of 8/10 seconds boot if the update is not completed in high-speed.

        Then again, The basic Chromebook doesn’t support any other network than Wi-Fi. Is Wi-FI available everywhere in Bangladesh? Lol! You’ll carry a WI-Fi router with you always then I guess. Then where’s the portability?

        CHROMEBOOKS. STILL A LAME CHOICE. No matter what excuses you give. Buy it & bite your fingers.

      2. LOL. You have no idea how much time and research I’ve done about this device. And if it fits my choice and serves my purpose, why would I have to give you any excuses? Duh!

        Chromebooks now work offline. Of course, that’s only limited to writing and listening to music. I don’t know when was the last time you saw a Chrome OS. They have upgraded the OS to a really great degree. I bought a cheap Android phone with 2500mAh battery capacity. I neglected additional features like 3D sensor and better display just because they don’t have large battery. I bought it just because I already need WiFi tethering for my tab and laptop when I’m out.

        As for Bangla typing, there are many sites that support Bangla typing inside the browser. There’s also a Chrome extension that provides a text box for Bangla writing. Lastly, I was thinking of purchasing Chromebook for writing English content. So, that wasn’t a problem either.

        Yes, automatic updates is a big problem. But hey, did you count how many good stuff I mentioned about Chromebook so far? Everything has at least one downside. And as for Chromebook, this is the one; though there are hacks that can disable automatic update in Chromebook (by going into developer mode and dropping a shell).

        I don’t mean I’m buying Chromebook for sure. I just said it’s a great device. At least, for me.

      3. The Bangla typing will work if there’s a font already in the system to view it. I’ve doubt Chromeboook has that built in.

        Chromebook may serve good to you. But I’ll remain it in the same category as Windows RT PCs. 🙂

        Best of luck with your Chromebook 😉

      4. Since it’s on top of Linux, I’m sure there’s some way unless it’s built-in. And yeah, I hate Surface RT because they don’t have a desktop mode nor does it support legacy windows apps. It doesn’t compare with Chromebook because of the price. Chromebook is cheaper, so it’s acceptable. But Surface RT isn’t. For that price you can get a full-blown laptop. 🙂

        And no, after all those research, I’m not sure if I’d be picking up a Chromebook anytime soon. I planned to get one in October. But if a new generation comes out next year, I won’t buy now and regret just a few months later.

        Let’s hope there’ll be some low-priced Haswell-powered ultrabooks in the market by the end of the year. 🙂 I really like Samsung Ativ Book 9 Plus. But for sure it’d be pricey!

  1. When discussing Chromebooks it’s important to keep in mind that they are not meant to replace laptops. They are not meant to be for every type of user. Like with many things in technology (as in life), not everything is meant for everyone.

    Chromebooks are meant for users that spend most of their time in a browser and want a device that’s easy to use and starts up fast. Sounds to me like that profile fits quite a few people.

    That being said, not everyone is willing or able to give up on their Windows applications. But there are solutions to overcome that obstacle. For example, Ericom AccessNow is an HTML5 RDP client that enables Chromebook users to securely connect to any RDP host, including Terminal Server and VDI virtual desktops, and run their applications and desktops in a browser.

    AccessNow does not require any client to be installed on the Chromebook, as you only need the HTML5-compatible browser.

    For an online, interactive demo, open your Chrome browser and visit:

    Please note that I work for Ericom

    Please note that I work for Ericom

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