Watch deleted video showing Nexus 5 on the introduction of Android 4.4 KitKat

Google accidentally leaked Nexus 5 on its Android KitKat promotional video. The video has been deleted. But not from everywhere! Watch Google leaking Nexus 5, or whatever this next Nexus phone is going to be.

Nexus 5 leaked video

Google just announced the next version of Android operating system, version 4.4, as KitKat instead of Key Lime Pie. The headquarters of Google at Mountain View has already got itself a giant Android KitKat in front of it. Google wanted to let the world see the joyous revelation of big Android KitKat on its premises.

Instead, it ended up showing the Nexus 5.

The video has been taken down after various sources spotted the never seen before large phone with the obvious nexus logo on it (pictured above). It’s clear that the video editors at Google did not notice that someone was holding their unit of Nexus 5, or whatever Nexus it is, during the shoot. But the eagle-eyed online community has spotted the nexus phone with an unusually large size proving that it’s anything but Nexus 4.

Someone wise enough probably realized ahead that Google would soon take down the video leaking the Nexus 5. They uploaded the video to elsewhere and thankfully, we now have the video uploaded on our Facebook fan page for you to see.

Enjoy the revelation of not only Android KitKat, but also the next iteration of Nexus phone, possibly the Nexus 5.

What do you think about this leak? Does the Nexus 5 logo look cool on that new phone?

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