Google introduces offline Chrome apps “For Your Desktop”

google chrome desktop appsGoogle Chrome just turned 5 today. And with that, the most popular web browser has introduced a new kind of apps called “For Your Desktop” that can interact with you as standalone applications.

Google describes these apps as “apps for your desktop” just like you have apps on your smartphone and tablet devices. These apps can work offline without requiring to open Chrome user interface and has the ability to interact with your peripheral devices such as USB flash drive or digital camera.

Google’s Engineering Director and Chrome App-ologist Erik Kay writes in Chrome official blog, “These apps are more powerful than before, and can help you get work done, play games in full-screen and create cool content all from the web.”

Up until now, you had Chrome apps that essentially linked to the third-party web apps. Clicking on those apps led you to that app’s website making those so called “apps” look like nothing but a visual bookmark icon. Only those termed as “extensions” used to enhance the functionality of Chrome browser. In terms of apps, it was nothing more than a bookmark.

From now on, however, that is changing.

If you visit Chrome Web Store now, you’ll find a new category called “For Your Desktop” that has about 24 apps as of this writing. If you’ve got Chrome already and you’re on Windows computer, go give it a try. Google promises Linux and Mac support for these desktop apps is coming soon.

This is one small step by Google to making you familiar with a Chromebook’s interface. Undoubtedly, when enough time has passed, you’ll have no problem getting yourself a Chromebook running Chrome operating system, which we believe, will soon have these “For your Desktop” apps available.

What do you think about Google’s new offline app efforts? Do you think it’s going to succeed? Tell us your thoughts.

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