Updated: Google rolls out “old” flat logo, Possibly a mistake

Update: More digging by Mashable revealed that Google had been using this flat version of its logo for years in some internal and external purposes, mainly print. Initially, it’s assumed that the flat logo has been uploaded with Chrome beta for Android as a mistake. But Google might have wanted to push the flat version of its logo following the trend of flat logo surfacing on the mobile industry (iOS 7 and Windows Phone 8). Either way, it’s a refreshing new look for Google logo.

new google flat logo

Changing logo to somewhat flat have been the latest trend in tech world. Possibly started by Microsoft’s Metro UI, the flat icon trend was followed by Apple in its iOS 7 design. And now, Google too is going flat with a slightly redesigned version of its logo.

First spotted by the eagle-eyed folks at Ars Technica, the new logo was rolled out with the updated version of Chrome for Android in its beta channel. Digging into the apk file, Ars found the new logo that has a not so drastic but yet noticeable difference in the current Google logo and the one included with the application.

Obviously we don’t know for sure if Google will change its logo to this flat one across all of its platform or the search giant is just trying out different Google logos just like Yahoo did. Whatever the case is, the new logo does not look too bad.

Suddenly, the tech industry is obsessed with flat, retro design and Google’s new logo proves it again. If you want to check out the new logo in action, you can install Chrome for Android beta from Play Store on your Android.

Do you like the new Google logo? Should Google go flat, too?


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