Pocket Chrome app hits “For Your Desktop”; Now works offline and on Chrome OS

Just last week, Google announced what was earlier known as packaged apps: Chrome apps that can interact with your desktop and is available for offline functioning. Termed Chrome apps “For Your Desktop”, these apps are meant to make your desktop experience familiar with that of Chrome OS — Google’s own operating system intended for light work. We wrote earlier that it was a matter of time until these apps hit Chrome OS, and now one of the popular apps is already here.

pocket chrome app

Pocket is widely popular for its simplicity, usefulness and ease of use in addition to its availability regardless of what platform you use. Up until now, we had Chrome extension of Pocket that could add web pages to Pocket. But the team just released its newest Chrome app that can work offline.

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Obviously categorized as “For Your Desktop”, the Pocket app on Chrome Web Store (sized at about 7.5 MB) shows a distinct message that it can run offline. Pocket says that this standalone application will download new contents automatically as you add them from various sources so that you can read them later even if there’s no connection.

Pocket Chrome app works on Windows and Chrome OS. The app is expected to hit Mac and Linux by the time Chrome offline Apps are available. Just to remind you, these packaged offline Chrome apps are soon to be released on Mac and Linux platforms.

Are you a Pocket user? Will you be using Pocket Chrome app on your Windows or Chrome OS? Tell us one reason not to use this!


  1. As always pocket is a great utility app & it’s fun to running chrome apps in Windows environment.Life would become too much uneasy if there were no pocket :v

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