HP Chromebook 14 coming this holiday at $299

Just after Google and Intel took the stage at IDF to announce the upcoming Chromebooks equipped with Haswell processors, HP has briefly let the journalists take a look at their new version of Chromebooks. Sized at 14-inch, these colorful Chromebooks are said to hit the market this holiday making it the first Haswell-powered Chromebook to hit market this year.

HP says that these Chromebooks will be priced at $299.

HP Chromebook 14 Orange

hp chromebook 14

The HP Chromebook 14 will come in three colors: snow white, ocean turquoise, and coral peach. These seemingly beautiful laptops will pack 16 GB of SSD, one USB 2.0 port, one USB 3.0 port and one HDMI output. Buyers will get 100 GB of free storage in Google Drive in addition to free 200 MB of data under T-Mobile 4G for two years. That’s great only if you’re in the United States, though.

HP chromebook

HP Chromebook 14

The lowest priced Chromebook used to be Acer C9, priced at $199, that featured a bigger hard disk space but bulky hardware. The Chromebook of choice for many people was Samsung Series 3, which is still in retail for $249. However, these beautiful machines can become more popular than the Samsung Series 3, unless there’s a refreshed version on the way. We hear that despite TIME’s report that a second generation of Samsung Series 3 is not likely this year, a second generation with octa-core processor is actually in the works. We’ll update if anything leaks about this.

The Chromebooks are gaining more popularity as Google is carefully advancing towards getting people ready for Chrome OS environment without having them to leave their Windows machine. Our earlier feature on how Chrome OS is becoming a worthy competitor to Windows discusses the possibility of average people picking up the Chromebook for their daily needs in the coming days, once they are in the ecosystem of Chrome Apps.

samsung series 3

However, price plays an important role here. Although HP Chromebook 14 features bigger screen, at around $300, the price still seems a little too much.

Chromebooks have a future, but they aren’t there yet. So, we wonder how these Chromebooks priced one dollar less than 300 will actually perform in the market when they go on sale. If you’re already in love with these devices, check out HP Chromebook 14 on Google’s site.

Are you digging a Chromebook? Will you spend $299 to get one of these HP Chromebooks? Let us know why or why not.


Image credit: The Verge


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