Google+ for Photos and Videos sees another update

google plus photo editing
Awesome things can be accomplished just by clicks. Photo credit: The Verge.

Starting soon, all iOS users will be able to upload their photos from their gallery to Google+ at full resolution. And once the photos are there, they can take advantage of new “awesome” buttons and other editing tools that are recently announced at an event in San Francisco.

Google’s target at photographers of all sorts was obvious at this year’s I/O event where the company revealed a slew of new features embedded with its social networking service, Google+. About five months later, Google takes another look at the service and introduces new features hoping to bring more people — mostly photographers — on board.

Editing Photos on Google+

In an effort to make Google+ a better place not just for sharing photos but also to edit them, Google has announced more quick editing features and in-depth editing options. You can now fine tune the auto-enhance button to control how much of the settings should be applied. You can also apply editing to an entire album or have Google not mess with photos in a particular album if you had already edited photos using other photo editing software.

Auto awesome is another button that lets you create animated GIF from a bunch of photos. But in today’s update, it includes a new “Action” feature that you can use to put someone’s photo in motion. For example, if there’s a photo of someone skateboarding, you can bring life to it by making it animated using the action feature. It’s not that animated in a traditional sense, but multiple images of that person in motion stitched into a single photograph, much like what appears in the beginning of this post.

Another feature is eraser that lets you effectively remove all the other people from your photograph if you want it just to be yours.

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Making Movies on Google+

What if you wanted to make a video of some of your uploaded photos, or randomly chosen photos, from your Google+ without the hassle of going through a video editor? Good news is, Google+ can do all that for you. With options to choose the length of the video and select from a range of available filters to apply to the video, you can create movies right on Google+ using Auto Awesome button for videos.

Google+ Growth

Google+ is slowly but effectively becoming a large town from what many believed to be a ghost town. According to Google’s Gundotra, the service is now being actively used by 540 million monthly users. This number includes active Google account holders who log in to the network at least once a month. However, back in May at I/O, Google said that they had 390 million active user per month. That’s a whooping 150 million increase in number of users over a period of five months. And this came after the search giant put major effort into Photographs on Google+.

Google hasn’t given a date as to when an updated iOS app will be released allowing users to sync their full resolution photos with Google+. But when it does, you can definitely expect for the number of active users to see a sharp rise.

Have you tinkered with Google+photo editing tools? What do you think of the future of this platform as a photo-sharing network?

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