Accessory Store for Google Glass Shows up; and it’s expensive!

google glass acccessory

Google is really gearing up with Google Glass as 2014 — the year Glass’ consumer version is supposedly coming out — is reaching. After an accessory showed up yesterday, some Google Glass owners have reported that there’s now actually an accessory store for Google Glass.

The latest update in Google Glass frame was a mono earbud. It was clear that the accessory was removable. And now we know the potential price of it. If the screenshot above, obtained from The Verge, is to be believed, that piece of earbud attachable to Google Glass will cost you $50.

Other accessories seen in the accessory store for Google Glass are extra cable and charger that are priced at $50 and Clear Shield that might cost  $75. However, some of the items, including earbud, is listed as out of stock. But the fact that they were never on sale to be sold out in the first place reminds us that these are just dummy texts. We have no actual announcement from Google as to when this expensive accessory store for Google Glass, which is open only to the Glass owners, may start selling.

There are numerous reports that Google is also gearing up the production of Google Glass. Update to Glass’ frame and introduction of a new store dedicated to Glass only proves the point. But we figure that the general mass won’t be much interested in getting themselves a confusing piece of tech (yet) for that amount of money. To remind you, Google Glass at this moment is priced at $1500 if you have a friend vouch for you who is already a Google Glass owner.

We understand that Google Glass’ consumer version may end up being on sale for cheaper amount. And we very much look forward to that.

What is your expectation about the price of Google Glass and its accessories? Should it remain “hi-tech” by remaining expensive gadgets or should these become budget-friendly wearable tech?

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