Google promotes YouTube Music Awards on its homepage

Future Music Festival 2013
Future Music Festival 2013 (Photo credit: Eva Rinaldi Celebrity and Live Music Photographer)

With just a day remaining for YouTube Music Awards finale, Google is gearing up its promotion to get users vote for their favorite YouTube videos out of the six categories. On Saturday, a short message prompting users to vote for YouTube Music Awards appeared on the homepage of Google.

Google homepage is known to be a very effective place for Google to promote various of its services as well as products. Since YouTube Music Awards is first of its kind music awards happening under the banner of YouTube, it only makes sense that Google will try to get as many votes as it music awards

Although votes are cast online, the final event will be a live award ceremony from New York City on November 3.

Earlier this month, YouTube announced the nominees that were based on their performance, likes, number of shares and some other metrics based on the last 12 months. YouTube is awarding videos based on six categories. If you haven’t already, you have very short time to head over to YTMA and watch/vote for your favorite videos. The nominees are already categorized so that you know which video is nominated for what category.

Have you cast your vote yet?

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