Google speaks up about its mysterious floating barges

google barge

There have been two floating barges in Portland and San Francisco that’s spreading a lot of rumors about what they are for. One thing the tech press dug up is that it’s a project from Google. But apart from that, there hasn’t really been much information as to what they are there for.

Multiple reports suggested that these barges may be there to show off Google’s latest piece of futuristic tech, Google Glass. According to TechCrunch, a Google spokesperson issued a statement that somehow favors these reports.

Google spokesperson, whom TechCrunch spoke to, said that although it’s still too early to tell, these barges will be used as a space for people to explore and learn about new technology.

Which, though remains unspoken, could be Google Glass.

Early rumors suggested that these barges may be a Google datacenter, a showroom to attract both tourists and potential buyers, but most of those reports suggested that Google will use these floating barges to show off its Glass technology to the general people. These reports gathered further credibility as Google showed off an updated model of Google Glass and users caught the existence of an accessory store exclusively for Google Glass.

As 2014 is approaching, Google is gearing up the production of Google Glass intended for consumers. For a Google spokesperson, saying just that these barges will be there for people to learn about new technology (with new technology being the keyword here) is definitely a safe statement without setting off an alarm about what it really is.

What do you think about Google’s mysterious project? Will Google show off Glass in these barges? Let us know your comments.

Source: TechCrunch

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