Multiple account, single sign-in and printing support now on Google Drive for iOS

google drive for iOS

Google Drive for iOS app has just been updated to support multiple accounts. This allows iPhone and iPad users to switch between different Google accounts on their Google Drive application without having to sign out and sign in.

As many businesses use Google Apps for business purpose, people often find themselves switching between personal accounts and work accounts. Thanks to the recent update, switching between accounts is now easier and faster than ever.

The update also brings single sign-in support that automatically logs you into YouTube, Google Maps, Chrome, and Google+ so that you won’t have to sign in next time you open those apps. The update also supports Google Cloud Print or Apple’s AirPrint making it easier to command print straight from your iOS device.

While Google notes that the new version has been updated for iOS 7, the design remains the same as before while adding the latest bundle of features. If you haven’t already, it’s time you downloaded Google Drive from iTunes App Store.

Do you use Google Drive on your iOS device? Why and why not?

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