Google opens up registration for Google Glass Explorer program

google glass

Google’s next-gen wearable piece of technology, Google Glass, can be yours! Google has recently opened up the registration of waiting list for Glass Explorer program which may get you a Glass.

Until now, people who are interested in getting a Google Glass could only get their hands on one of these $1500 hardware either by referral of someone who’s already a member of Explorer program or if Google invites them to join the product. The new registration, currently live on Glass’ How to get one page, will enlist you as an ‘interested person to purchase Google Glass and become an Explorer member when a spot opens up.’

Google hasn’t confirmed how many Google Glass units are there to be sold through this waiting list, but a company representative told The Verge that these are not consumer-centric device as the company plans to release Google Glass sometime in 2014.

Would you be interested in getting an early-adapter of Google Glass? Or would you rather wait for the consumer version to be announced? Let us know your thoughts.

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