RAW file support and built-in burst mode coming soon to Android

android camera

Google has just confirmed that a soon-to-be-released update will allow Android phone’s built-in or default camera application to shoot in RAW format as well as in burst mode.

According to Google spokesperson, Android’s new Hardware Abstraction Layer and framework will allow the built-in camera app to support shooting in RAW format. It also allows the camera to shoot multiple photos without the need for installing any third-party application or skin on top of raw Android operating system.

Google said that it will soon release the HAL API for developers to take advantage of the latest camera app.

How much it means for users can’t be said until these are actually in action. But theoratically, the ability to shoot in RAW format will revolutionize photography through Android devices as well as the ability to post-process it with professional photo editing tools to achieve remarkable results. Also, when burst mode is built into the Android firmware, it will mean taking multiple shots continuously much easier on stock Android and the camera app that comes with it.

Google hasn’t specified when this new burst mode will be in action. But since the company has officially admitted the existence of the new technology, we can expect to see it anytime from now on.

Are you interested about the RAW file support and burst mode for stock Android camera app? Let us know your thoughts.

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