Gmail for iOS now syncs in the background : No more waiting after opening the app

gmail app for ios

Google has pushed a major update to its Gmail app for iOS today. We’re calling it major, because it improves usability by a big time as it now syncs inbox in the background. 

The new feature enables you to see what’s new and unread in your inbox right at the second you open up the Gmail app. Previously, you had to wait a few seconds for the inbox to sync with Gmail servers after opening the app. The new version gets rid of the waiting time significantly improving the user experience by saving users’ time.

Announced on Gmail’s official blog, you will need to enable background sync and notification settings to enjoy this feature. Logging in to Gmail app will automatically log you in to other Google services including YouTube, Chrome, and Google Maps. The new version of Gmail for iOS is now available for download on iTunes App Store.

Do you use Gmail iOS app on your iPhone and iPad?

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